My Vision & Goals — Preserving & Enhancing our Quality of Life


Financial Integrity: Ensure aggressive financial oversight and accountability of city expenditures. Provide vital financial expertise and guidance during current funding decreases, state takeaways, and challenging economic uncertainties. Continue my opposition to spending on highly-paid consultants/studies and use the funds for actual programs. Achieve additional pension reform to control unsustainable skyrocketing pension costs.


Public Safety: Support our police, firefighters and paramedics to ensure they have the resources necessary to protect our residents and improve response times. Expand our city's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program that I co-founded and increase community CPR training.


Education and Youth: Support our school district's high standard of education. Maintain a strong mutually beneficial partnership with our excellent schools, teachers and parents to enhance resources, improve facilities and ensure school safety. Support our children in academics, athletics, recreation, art and music.


Seniors: Enhance our seniors programs by devoting personnel and resources to expand social interaction, flexible transportation and nutrition/wellness programs. As an older adult member and volunteer, I will continue to work for expansion of older adult programs.


Traffic/Parking: Reduce traffic gridlock on our arterial roads and eliminate cut-through traffic in our residential neighborhoods by employing comprehensive traffic management programs. Increase parking supply by applying a parking “tool box” approach that gives preference to our residents and our local businesses, including city resident permits and subsidized metered parking.


Public Facilities/Infrastructure: Upgrade our public facilities responsibly and maintain our city's infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, water/sewer systems, pier, etc.). Improve our parks and recreational facilities.


Civic Participation: Encourage public participation and communication with our City Council and City Departments. Continue to provide informative “town hall” meetings to facilitate communication.


Environment: Protect our public parks, open green space, our beach and our ocean (apply storm drain/runoff diversion management). Facilitate our city's Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon emissions, promote zero waste, alternative/renewable energy use, and expand ‘green' building standards, including water and energy conservation (and public education of green sustainable programs). Protect against air, noise and visual (signage) pollution.


Quality of Life: Preserve our small town character and unique neighborhoods through managed growth/development that serves our community and is in scale with our neighborhoods, while respecting private property rights. Encourage smaller homes by incentivizing remodels over tear-downs. Provide incentives for development that preserves open space. Scrutinize over-development that would worsen traffic and would create increased parking demand. Continue to ban short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods. Compassionately relocate homeless individuals to regional shelters where they can receive appropriate and care.


To each a great Manhattan Beach!


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